Turkey Cobb Salad Sandwich

In a skillet cook over moderate heat until crisp:
   6 bacon slices

Remove from heat and transfer to paper towels to drain.

   4 slices of thick, firm white sandwich bread

Meanwhile mix together
   3 tablespoons mayonnaise
   3 tablespoons Blue cheese
   Coarsely ground pepper
   A splash of lemon juice

Spread this mix on one side of each slice of toast and top two of the toast slices with:
   2 slices HoneyBaked Turkey Breast (each)
   1 thinly sliced, ripe avocado
   4 pitted and chopped black olives (preferably Nicoise or Kalamata)

Top with:
   4 small crisp lettuce leaves (romaine)
   The second slice of bread.

Serves 2

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