Gourmet Hams from HoneyBaked are Simply Delicious

HoneyBaked gourmet hams are moist, tender, juicy and unbelievably delicious. We've been making our hams one at a time, just like our founder and grandfather did more than 50 years ago. That's why they're perfect for any occasion, from holiday feasts to family picnics and easy Tuesday night dinners.

HoneyBaked Hams are Steeped in Family Tradition

When our founder and grandfather, Harry J. Hoenselaar, began making his gourmet hams more than 50 years ago, we doubt that he ever envisioned his famous ham achieving the national spotlight it has today. Fortunately, his secret marinade, patented spiral slicing method and mouthwatering glaze have been handed down to his children and grandchildren, who continue to make ham just the way he did: one at a time. Families and businesses across the country have come to love our signature gourmet flavor as well as the simple serving convenience of these amazingly moist, juicy and delicious hams. Today, these wonderful products are available everywhere in the country.

Serve a gourmet feast for the holidays without the fuss of a traditional ham

Many of our customers new and old think of the holidays when it comes to serving our gourmet hams. It's true: HoneyBaked hams have become a traditional main attraction for many a feast at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and even Labor Day, the Fourth of July and Memorial Day gatherings. Pairing one of our delicious hams with some HoneyBaked turkey and some of our wonderful side dishes and dessert has also become a family tradition. HoneyBaked offers all the gourmet flavors you'd want to serve at a traditional holiday dinner or buffet, but we do all the work for you. All of our gourmet ham and turkey products are fully cooked, sliced and ready to serve. In fact, our hams and boneless turkey breasts can be served straight from the refrigerator.

But, Holidays are not required to enjoy our amazingly delicious hams

Over the years our customers have learned that there's no reason to wait for a holiday in order to enjoy the delicious flavors and simple convenience of our gourmet hams. HoneyBaked hams are often the center of attention at birthday and anniversary gatherings or any time families just want a great tasting gourmet meal without any of the work and with minimal cleanup. Businesses large and small have also featured the uniquely delicious taste and unparalleled convenience of a HoneyBaked ham for company functions, both formal and informal, throughout the year.

Get gourmet ham taste and convenience delivered right to your door

At HoneyBaked, we make it even easier to enjoy the worlds' best gourmet hams by having them delivered right to your door. When you order online or call us with your order at 1-866-492-HAMS, we'll get to work. Carefully curing, smoking, slicing and glazing your ham isn't enough; we also make sure to flash freeze your ham and carefully package it for safe shipment. At HoneyBaked, we take as much care in preparing and packaging your gourmet ham as we do in making it. It's part of our family tradition.

Shop our Mail Order Catalog, too!

HoneyBaked provides you with convenient, easy ways to order your ham, including the option to shop through our mail order catalog. Our popular mail order catalog, along with our stores, have been the foundation of our company and are still a favorite way to shop. Of course, regardless of how you order, our famous fully prepared HoneyBaked ham or turkey breast will arrive at your doorstep perfect every time. We guarantee it.