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At HoneyBaked you can shop for and buy ham online and still know you're getting the very best in taste, convenience, service and delivery. HoneyBaked Ham has been a labor of love for us for three generations. If you've purchased a HoneyBaked Ham or enjoyed one at a holiday or office gathering, you've experienced the quality for which we're famous. We take special care to make sure that quality and superior service are at the forefront of every online ham purchase, too. You can order online and we'll hand prepare your order and ship it to your door - every bit as delicious as the day it was prepared.

Superior Service and Selection the HoneyBaked Ham Way

HoneyBaked Ham offers a variety of sizes of ham you can buy online, including whole, half and quarter hams to meet your needs and make your meal perfect. No matter which you choose you get the perfect combination of spiral-sliced convenience and one of a kind taste, that simply cannot be duplicated, every time. At HoneyBaked, we want your online shopping experience to not just live up to but actually exceed your expectations. Just place your order and we'll do the rest. Buying ham online just doesn't get any better.

You'll get the same great ham online as you would in our stores

All of our hams available for purchase online are hand prepared for you. That means deliciously marinated, slow smoked over hickory embers for up to 24 hours, spiral sliced and finished with our crowning touch: our unbelievably delicious, sweet and crunchy secret recipe honey glaze. Just like all HoneyBaked hams, when you purchase our ham online, your ham is prepared in the HoneyBaked family tradition - one ham at a time. We go out of our way to make sure your ham arrives at your door every bit as wonderfully moist, tender and delicious as the day we prepared it. We wouldn't have it any other way.

We package online ham orders with HoneyBaked care

Once you order a HoneyBaked ham online or by phone (1-866-492-HAMS), we get to work. Every HoneyBaked ham is hand prepared, smoked, spiral sliced and glazed to perfection. Then we take extra care to make sure your ham arrives every bit as delicious, juicy and tender by wrapping it in foil, placing it in a sealed poly bag and freezing it. When your order is delivered, place it in the freezer for up to 6 weeks, or, if you plan to enjoy it within the next 5 days, just place it in your refrigerator and allow it to finish thawing for 24 to 48 hours before serving.

Like every HoneyBaked Ham, the ham you order online is guaranteed. So order online with confidence and we'll save you the trip to the store.

Shop our Mail Order Catalog, too!

HoneyBaked provides you with convenient, easy ways to order your ham, including the option to shop through our mail order catalog. Our popular mail order catalog, along with our stores, have been the foundation of our company and are still a favorite way to shop. Of course, regardless of how you order, our famous fully prepared HoneyBaked ham or turkey breast will arrive at your doorstep perfect every time. We guarantee it.