HoneyBaked Takes the Fuss Out of Cooking Ham

Cooking ham can take time and effort. Uncooked fresh hams require preparation and some special attention to bring out their full flavors. HoneyBaked hams are fully cooked when you get them. We smoke each of our delicious bone-in hams over a unique blend of hardwood chips for up to 24 hours. Then we spiral slice them using our patented slicer and cover them in our amazing, secret-recipe sweet and crunchy crackling glaze. Whether you're planning a holiday meal, a picnic or a family get-together, a HoneyBaked ham is the answer for hassle-free meals with unsurpassed taste. Add our delicious smoked or oven roasted turkey breast, some mustard and some of our wonderful side dishes and you've got the recipe for no-fuss success.

When you want the best ham without the cooking

For three generations, The HoneyBaked Ham Company has been cooking ham one ham at a time. That's why our ham has become the gold standard against which all other hams are measured. Our ham is easy to serve because it's already pre-sliced, in perfectly beautiful spiral portions that you can serve straight from the refrigerator or picnic cooler. We make buying our ham easy too. You can shop online, at one of our more than 400 HoneyBaked retail stores or just give us a call at 1-866-492-HAMS.

Our ham makes any holiday extra special

A traditional Easter dinner wouldn't be traditional without a ham on the table. But rather than spend your time in the kitchen cooking ham, why not serve HoneyBaked ham and spend more time with your holiday guests? Ham is also great at Christmas too. And, if you or someone you love wants to take a break from the cooking on Thanksgiving, why not choose a moist, tender and juicy HoneyBaked ham and some of our equally delicious boneless turkey breast? And, if you happen to have any leftovers, we have some wonderful recipe ideas that are perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner. Eat too much over the holiday? How about some light fare soup or salad recipes for your leftovers?

Why not plan a fun ham summer picnic?

Plan a delicious and care-free summer picnic outing with a HoneyBaked ham as the star attraction. With our fully-cooked, mouth-watering ham, you can spend your time enjoying yourself instead of cooking ham. Be sure to keep your ham cool - a picnic cooler is perfect. And, while you're packing the cooler, add some of our yummy, pre-sliced boneless turkey breast or some creamy cheese and some lip-smacking mustard from HoneyBaked. Take a break from cooking and have some fun: You deserve it. Or, make some scrumptious HoneyBaked ham tortilla wraps the morning of the picnic, wrap in plastic wrap and take them along in your cooler. They'll stay moist and delicious for up to four hours - if you can wait that long to devour them.

HoneyBaked: The perfect solution any time you don't feel like cooking ham.

Shop our Mail Order Catalog, too!

HoneyBaked provides you with convenient, easy ways to order your ham, including the option to shop through our mail order catalog. Our popular mail order catalog, along with our stores, have been the foundation of our company and are still a favorite way to shop. Of course, regardless of how you order, our famous fully prepared HoneyBaked ham or turkey breast will arrive at your doorstep perfect every time. We guarantee it.