Easter Ham from HoneyBaked Sets the Standard

When it comes to Easter ham, HoneyBaked has become the gold standard to which other hams are compared. We know we've set the bar very high, but we can't help it - it's just part of our family tradition.

Over 50 years ago, Harry J. Hoenselaar began a special tradition when he opened the first HoneyBaked Ham Company store in Michigan. He'd select only the finest quality bone-in ham, cure it in his secret marinade, and smoke the ham for hours over a unique blend of hardwood chips to make it exceptionally tender. Then he'd spiral-slice each ham with a machine he invented and patented for perfect spiral slices every time. The final touch was smothering each ham with his uniquely sweet and delicious crackling glaze For the ensuing three generations, Harry's tradition has continued and customers far and wide have learned that the best place to get an Easter ham is HoneyBaked.

Choosing a HoneyBaked Ham for Easter

Our delicious HoneyBaked Ham can be purchased at one of our many HoneyBaked Ham Company store locations or ordered online. You can select from quarter, half or whole hams. All are fully cooked to perfection, spiral sliced and feature Harry's famous crackling sweet glaze. Online or in-store, you'll get an amazing Easter ham that's like no other.

Buying a ham online for Easter

We make it easy to browse through our selections of HoneyBaked Ham and order online for your holiday table. We'll quick freeze and hand package your Easter ham for maximum flavor retention, just the way Harry would want you to enjoy it. When your ham arrives, it will be cool to the touch and ready for the refrigerator if you'll be serving your Easter ham within 5 days, or ready for the freezer, where you can store our delicious hams for up to 6 weeks.

Pick up an Easter Ham at a local HoneyBaked Store

Since Harry opened the first The HoneyBaked Ham Company store in Michigan over 50 years ago, we've grown to more than 400 retail locations. To find the store nearest you, just use our online store locator. Simply select the state where you live and a listing of the stores nearest you will appear on your screen. You can also call us at 1-866-492-HAMS if you would like to discuss your many delicious options or simply to place your order by phone.

Getting your HoneyBaked Ham ready for the Easter meal

If you decide to freeze your Easter ham, as the holiday approaches you'll want to allow time for the ham to thaw in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours before serving. We don't recommend heating quarter, half or whole hams, but you can reheat ham slices wrapped in foil in a low temperature oven if you like. For best flavor and moistness we recommend serving it chilled from the refrigerator.

Although the wonderful tradition and legacy of Harry J. Hoenselaar has now spanned three family generations, we still make Easter ham his way: one moist and delicious HoneyBaked ham at a time.

Shop our Mail Order Catalog, too!

HoneyBaked provides you with convenient, easy ways to order your ham, including the option to shop through our mail order catalog. Our popular mail order catalog, along with our stores, have been the foundation of our company and are still a favorite way to shop. Of course, regardless of how you order, our famous fully prepared HoneyBaked ham or turkey breast will arrive at your doorstep perfect every time. We guarantee it.