Easter Ham Leftovers Extend the Annual Tradition

Easter ham from HoneyBaked has been the star of the show for Easter dinner far and wide. In fact, our HoneyBaked ham has become the gold standard for Easter ham. The mouthwatering honey glaze we're famous for is not only irresistible, it will enhance the flavor of ham recipes - should you be lucky enough to have any leftovers.

Many customers order a larger ham than their dinner guests can eat just so they'll have enough leftovers slices for all their favorite post-holiday dishes. So, if you are one of those people with leftover ham from your Easter dinner, here are some ideas for using our delicious honey glazed ham.

Ideas for Enjoying Ham Left Over from Easter Dinner

After your HoneyBaked ham has served as the star of the show for your Easter dinner or buffet, you'll want to consider an encore performance that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Thanks to HoneyBaked Ham's renowned crackling honey glaze, leftover ham from HoneyBaked makes dishes that are bound to be the rave at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Breakfast ideas for leftover ham

Everyone knows that ham combines deliciously with eggs, either as a side dish or in an omelet.

The spiral sliced Easter ham from HoneyBaked you enjoyed as a main attraction makes an unbelievably delicious breakfast when chopped and added to scrambled eggs with chives and cheddar or Swiss cheese. Or how about a Denver omelet with bell peppers and onions, or a ham and cheese frittata? Or add some leftover ham to home fried potatoes with finely chopped onion for a fabulous breakfast side.

Another favorite is Eggs Benedict with our evenly sliced ham over crisp English muffins. The unique taste of HoneyBaked will be appreciated in every bite.

Ham for lunch means more than just sandwiches

Of course everyone loves the taste of a HoneyBaked Ham sandwich, especially with our Baby Swiss cheese and delicious honey or Dijon mustards. Ham sandwiches make a hearty lunch, or a Sunday evening snack after the Easter feast. A grilled ham and cheese is also sure to delight. Try a ham and cheese quesadilla for something deliciously different, topped with salsa and sour cream.

HoneyBaked Ham leftover ideas for dinner

After Easter is over, just take your leftover ham from the fridge and serve cold or heat up some slices and pair with imaginative side dishes. Ham and cheese au gratin potatoes or a rich, ham and cheesy cauliflower bake make hearty and delicious sides. Or try a ham and sweet potato casserole, ham tetrazzini or penne pasta with a creamy white ham sauce. And, who doesn't love ham with scalloped potatoes? Of course, don't forget that the bone from a HoneyBaked ham makes a wonderful soup starter for pea soup or bean soup.

Because HoneyBaked Ham can be kept in the refrigerator 6-8 days or in the freezer for 45 days, you can take your Easter ham leftovers to a whole new level with the goodness of HoneyBaked Ham.

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