Enjoy an Easter Ham Like No Other

If you're fond of traditions and great food, you'll agree that no Easter ham compares to HoneyBaked Ham. Our premium-quality ham is hickory smoked for nearly 24 hours over choice hardwood embers and then spiral sliced to the bone for serving convenience, hand finished with our famous sweet and crunchy glaze and hand wrapped for freshness. Enjoyed straight from the refrigerator, HoneyBaked hams are a delicious way to enjoy the holiday with family and friends with less time cooking and more time celebrating.

Quarter, Half or Whole Hams for Easter

HoneyBaked Ham selections for Easter include quarter hams, half hams or whole. That means you can select the perfect size you need to feed all of your guests. You may even decide to order a little more ham than you need for Easter so you'll be able to enjoy some delicious leftovers. HoneyBaked Ham makes a wonderful sandwich, especially when paired with some delicate Baby Swiss cheese and flavor-enhancing honey or Dijon mustard. For Easter Sunday, consider ordering a ham and dessert combo or even a full ham for Easter dinner with our wonderful side dishes so you can free up more of your time and be with your guests.

The quarter ham for smaller crowds

Our quarter ham is a 3-4 pound ham that sets the standard for a great Easter dinner for smaller gatherings. All of our hams are bone-in for flavor, smoked to perfection, spiral-sliced for easy serving and smothered with our scrumptious honey sweet and crunchy glaze. Not only does the spiral slicing make it easier to serve, but each slice is pretty on the plate. Add our delicious mustards, in honey and Dijon flavors, or our soup mix that is just perfect for that leftover ham bone that's so full of flavor it mustn't go to waste.

A half ham and your imagination combine for a wonderful feast

Select a delectable half ham and let your imagination go wild. We guarantee you're going to love our fully cooked, tender and delicious spiral sliced half ham. Our half ham adds plenty of options to round out your Easter meal. If you're planning a buffet, consider our Gourmet Combo, which pairs our delectable half ham with our oven-roasted, glazed and sliced 2.5 to 3 pound turkey breast. Or, pair a half ham with a fully cooked, browned and roasted, moist, delicious and tender turkey for a larger buffet with the promise of plenty of leftovers. Complement the combo with HoneyBaked's signature side dishes for a hearty and happy crowd.

A whole Easter ham feeds a big crowd

A HoneyBaked whole ham will perform perfectly as the centerpiece of your holiday meal. Like all HoneyBaked Hams they're absolutely delicious and have become the standard by which all other hams are judged. They'll keep for up to 6 weeks in your freezer. It's a great way to enjoy Easter ham - even when Easter has come and gone but your appreciation of a delicious and easy meal remains.

Shop our Mail Order Catalog, too!

HoneyBaked provides you with convenient, easy ways to order your ham, including the option to shop through our mail order catalog. Our popular mail order catalog, along with our stores, have been the foundation of our company and are still a favorite way to shop. Of course, regardless of how you order, our famous fully prepared HoneyBaked ham or turkey breast will arrive at your doorstep perfect every time. We guarantee it.