Reality Vs Expectation

So, you burned your ham… Does your house smell alarming? Do your guests look worried? This is what we, at The Honey Baked Ham Company, like to refer to as a “Hamergency.”

At this very moment, you’re probably wondering why you just didn’t go with a Honey Baked Ham this holiday season (we’re wondering the same thing). But, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 61 years, it’s that everyone makes mistakes. The Honey Baked Ham Company takes Hamergencies very seriously, so we’ve created our very own HAMERGENCY TOOL KIT – something to help America’s worst cooks cover up their holiday kitchen fails.


Honey Baked Ham Hamergency Candle

No one has to know you burned the ham – just light this candle to fill your kitchen with the sweet aroma of our signature HoneyBaked glaze.

Hamergency Water Fire Extinguisher

Because shipping you a real fire extinguisher was just too expensive.

Hamergency Fire Resistant Oven Mitts

Burning the main dish is sad enough – don’t burn your hands too.

Hamergency First Aid Kit

For when you don't listen to us about the oven mitts and burn your hands–burn cream included.

Hamergency Tissue

Burnt ham makes us cry, too.

Hamergency Wine Tumbler

Our best attempt at making you feel better, because everything is better with wine.