How To Become A HoneyBaked Hammelier

Chef Tim's top Tips To Becoming A HoneyBaked Hammelier

Tip 1: When evaluating a ham, be sure to use all of your senses - sight, smell, taste, touch.

Tip 2: The outside of the ham should be covered in a dark amber glaze, with a rich mahogany color hiding underneath.

Tip 3: You should see scalloping lines on each slice of ham- this is a sign that a spiral slicing machine was used.

Tip 4: You should be able to detect the smoky scent as soon as you unwrap the ham.

Tip 5: Opposites attract - The salty, smoky flavor of the ham is complimented by the sweet and crunchy glaze.

Tip 6: The glaze coating should be crunchy, but the ham itself delicate.

The Perfect Ham Pairings


The high acidity found in a rosé rounds out the sweet and salty flavors of the Honey Baked Ham.


The sweetness of a good Riesling plays well with the sweet and salty flavors of a Honey Baked Ham.

Pinot Noir

For a less sweet option, the subtle complexity of a pinot noir is a nice counterpoint to a flavorful Honey Baked Ham

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