Meet The Honey Baked Ham Fam

Meet the Honey Baked Ham Fam. Each of our products is uniquely suited to be the centerpiece of life’s gatherings. Learn more about what makes our products perfect for each occasion.

Turkey Breast

Honey Baked Turkey Breast

We all know turkey is a go-to at Thanksgiving, but Honey Baked Turkey Breast is great all year round. The lighter, delicate flavor of our turkey breast is perfect for big gatherings or smaller, casual ones. Even as a sidekick to the ham. And it’s already cooked, sliced, and ready to serve with our sweet, crunchy signature glaze.

Honey Baked by the Slice

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone wants good, high-quality food at the ready. So, skip the deli counter (and its processed lunch meat) and pick up individual sliced portions of ham and turkey breast from The Honey Baked Ham Company. Serve this thick-sliced, tender meat to elevate simple sandwiches from dull to delicious and salads from unexciting to inspiring.

Honey Baked Bone-In Half Ham

The signature Bone-In Half or Whole Ham is our gold standard, and it’s why we’re famous. For important gatherings where you’re serving a special meal, this ham is truly the centerpiece that makes a statement. Slow-smoked for up to 24 hours and authentically spiral-sliced, each ham is handcrafted with our sweet, crunchy glaze. The result is that every rich and flavorful bite, and every slice, is fall-apart-in-your-mouth perfect. And as the host serving the World’s Best Ham, you’ll love the “wow” presentation on your table.

Honey Baked Bone-In Quarter Ham

If the group is smaller or you want to have an additional main item on your table, the Bone-in Quarter Ham still lets you enjoy that iconic HoneyBaked flavor, just in a smaller package. Still smoked up to 24 hours, authentically spiral-sliced to perfection, and hand-glazed one at a time.

Honey Baked Boneless Ham

As with all of our products, the quality and care taken to make each Honey Baked Boneless Ham is unmatched. It’s lightly-smoked with no added water or juices. Perfectly lean, moist, and tender. And yes, it’s topped with that signature sweet and crunchy glaze that makes every bite unforgettable.