Our Product

At HoneyBaked Ham, we take pride in knowing that our hams are the centerpiece for your most treasured occasions, as well as the perfect gift for those whom you want to enjoy the very best. That’s why our standards for quality are unmatched and the taste is so good.

Each Honey Baked Ham® is hand-selected from grain-fed stock and once our 16 point inspection checklist is complete, only one out of every ten hams is selected.

Expertly prepared, the hams are cured without extra water or juices, enhancing the flavor of the meat in the most natural way.

Using a unique blend of hardwood chips in our smokers, we slow smoke each ham for up to 24 hours, locking in the taste that makes each slice its own culinary masterpiece.

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the spiral slicer invented by HoneyBaked Ham founder, Harry Hoenselaar is still used today (with a few upgrades), expertly slicing each ham to 1/6 of an inch and creating the perfect serving size each time.

And as you know, it wouldn’t be a Honey Baked Ham® without the unmistakable taste of that sweet, crunchy glaze. Using our top-secret blend of sugar and spices, we hand-glaze each ham right there in your store, balancing the sweet and smoky flavors with a crunchy texture that creates a savory, tender taste unlike any other.

After one final inspection, we wrap each ham in our signature gold foil that’s ready to serve, share and savor.

We have been committed to this level of quality from the very start because we know that the perfect meal makes every occasion memorable and lets everyone at your table know they’re worth it.

HoneyBaked Ham